In August, VacuTec hosted a roundtable discussion organized by political advisor Antje Hermenau for the Saxony State Economic Senate of the German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW) with Saxony's Minister of Finance Hartmut Vorjohann. 25 interested senators, entrepreneurs and BVMW members took the opportunity to talk with the minister about the Saxon budget, liquidity problems due to the upcoming energy costs and the expected inflation. At the senatorial rounds, the host company also has the opportunity to present itself.

The new managing director, Dr. Bettina Jakob, introduced the participants to the products manufactured by VacuTec for the detection of ionizing radiation and took them on an informative tour of the company. The cloud chamber, which can be used to make cosmic ray particles visible, also aroused great interest.

VacuTec is a member of the BVMW. Dr. Jakob takes over the seat in the Saxony State Economic Senate from Dr. Bernd Wörmann.

HÖRMANN Engineering: Senatorenrunde bei VacuTec