Diversity is our strength

The HÖRMANN Group has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 60 years.

By continuously investing in our employees’ expertise and the latest technologies, our family company has grown to include 27 affiliated companies. We are successful in four sectors: Automotive, Engineering, Communication and Industrial Services.

HÖRMANN solutions help customers to go a step further – or make a quantum leap. Our recipe for success: the corporate culture of a family company with the freedom to develop new ideas, a strong team spirit, and employees who want to make a difference.

Hans Hörmann, company founder
»Identify potential, shape growth and act on the basis of a clear strategy.«

Motto of Hans Hörmann, company founder

Management of the HÖRMANN Group

 Dr. Michael Radke, Chief Executive Officer der HÖRMANN Holding und der HÖRMANN Industries.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Radke

Michael Radke holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HÖRMANN Holding and HÖRMANN Industries since 2017. Prior to this, he worked for ten years for the pump manufacturer KSB AG as Head of Design & Development and Head of Business Unit. In addition, he was CEO of Heinkel AG from 2001 to 2005. In his most recent position before joining the HÖRMANN Group, he was responsible for a decade as Chief Operation Officer for Sales and Technology for the broadly diversified Leistritz AG.

Johann Schmid-Davis

The business administration graduate has been active in various commercial functions in the HÖRMANN Group for 18 years. After working as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the fully consolidated HÖRMANN subsidiary Funkwerk AG from 2009 to 2013, he joined HÖRMANN Holding as Head of Finance and has been CFO of HÖRMANN Holding and HÖRMANN Industries since 2015.

Our Advisory Board

Dr. Andreas Albath (Chairman)

Prof. Franz Breun (Deputy Chairman)

Stefan E. Buchner

Prof. Siegfried Bülow

Florian Schauenburg

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Johann Hörmann

A close focus on the customer requirements of tomorrow

The HÖRMANN Group takes an integrative approach: As a technology company, we combine our knowledge and bundle our expertise in four future technology segments. We work with our customers to create new impetus for the market.

60 years of Hörmann: The engineering firm for the project planning, construction and inspection of lightning protection systems had a workforce of just two employees when it was established in 1955. Today, the Group employs more than 3,000 people.

History of the HÖRMANN Group

Values of the HÖRMANN Group

We are actively driving development in the world of high technology. That is why we continuously reinvent ourselves. The more dynamic the change, the more important it is to take a clear stand: The HÖRMANN Group is more than the sum of its companies. We are a team. Togetherness is a strength! We work together in line with the values that made our family company what it is today. They are deeply rooted within us – and keep us on our growth path.

The Compliance Guidelines of the HÖRMANN Group

The Compliance Guidelines of the HÖRMANN Group form the common framework for HÖRMANN Holding GmbH & Co. KG as well as its subsidiaries and associates.The Boards of Management of the subsidiaries and associates are obliged to implement these guidelines in their companies in such a way that they are binding. Every employee is obliged to know and comply with the relevant laws and regulations, including these Compliance Guidelines.