Benefits for cycling to work

Cycling is good for the climate and good for your health. And benefits increase employee satisfaction and make work more fun. HÖRMANN is offering one such benefit in partnership with Employees can select the bicycle of their choice from a range of selected dealers.

The employer then leases the bicycle and provides it to the employee to use whenever and however they want: to travel to work, in their everyday lives, and on holiday. This saves them money compared with buying a bicycle the usual way. Vedran Beslač, Senior Legal Counsel at HÖRMANN Industries GmbH, is full of enthusiasm:

HÖRMANN Gruppe – Sustainability Report – Initiative EmissionsHÖRMANN Gruppe – Sustainability Report – Initiative Emissions

»I intend to cycle more in future, so the offer from the HR department came at just the right time for me. I have already gone on my first rides. Cycling to work is a bit too much for me right now, since I live a few dozen kilometres away – but who knows, it might well become an option as I get fitter.«

Vedran Beslač
Senior Legal Counsel in der HÖRMANN Industries GmbH

The hot topics at the Group

Daniela Heger, industrial designer at H.RMANN Vehicle Engineering GmbH: “I never fail to be impressed by the diversity within the HÖRMANN Group. The ‘mittendrin’ employee magazine regularly showcases the different companies and provides insights into their flagship projects, working environment and culture. I especially enjoy the introduction, which neatly summarises the current situation and the hot topics at the Group and gives you the good feeling of belonging.”

to the magazine (only german)

HÖRMANN Gruppe – Nachhaltigkeitsbericht – Initiative Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit

Thinking about tomorrow today

“As an employer, we are also responsible for ensuring our employees’ pension provision,” says Johann Schmid-Davis, CFO of the HÖRMANN Group. The HÖRMANN Group offers its employees a modern, pioneering system: the HÖRMANN pension. All employees can voluntarily contribute portions of their salary to a separate pension scheme, saving them taxes and social security contributions while also allowing them to benefit from an extremely generous employer subsidy. Johann Schmid-Davis: “By providing a strong company pension scheme, we are doing our bit to ensure that our employees can look to the future without worry.”

HÖRMANN Gruppe – Nachhaltigkeitsbericht – Initiative Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit