Shorter waiting times at security checkpoints, greater passenger satisfaction and lower staffing levels - with SECTRO, BEUMER Group and HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors are introducing a new, innovative solution for hand baggage screening at airports. The two companies have joined forces as part of a strategic partnership to successfully launch SECTRO on the market in the course of 2025.

In contrast to a conventional security check - the so-called "Smart Security Lane" (SSL) - SECTRO offers a number of advantages. Peaks of around 1000 passengers per hour can be processed via one module - with the same space requirement as conventional SSLs. At the same time, SECTRO requires 50 percent fewer CT scanners and can be operated with a third fewer staff.

For passengers, the new solution means a particularly relaxed security check: hand baggage is deposited in a newly designed self-service area, with each person generally only requiring one lockable, biometrically linked container. Once the baggage has been checked, it can be collected again in a separate area - this minimizes the risk of baggage loss or theft. If, contrary to expectations, a piece of baggage needs to be checked separately, the owners are directed to a recheck area via a screen display.

Prototype already completed

A prototype of the new system was already completed at the end of 2023 and the necessary certifications have been initiated. As part of the collaboration, BEUMER Group will be responsible for the market launch, sales, project management and customer support as well as the development of the system control. HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors is supplying the mechanical conveyor technology. The first pilot project is scheduled to start in the course of 2024.

"More than a third of all passengers find the security check a particularly stressful factor," says Ronald Willems, Divisional Director Airport at BEUMER Group. "With SECTRO, we are not only ensuring a noticeable improvement in the passenger experience, but also reducing the personnel required for security and baggage control. In times of a persistent shortage of skilled workers, this is a competitive advantage for airports that should not be underestimated."

"Pioneering system solution"

"The strategic cooperation with BEUMER Group enables us to successfully introduce this innovative and pioneering system solution to the market," says Dr. Christian Baur, CTO of the HÖRMANN Group. "With a higher level of automation, we are making air travel more pleasant and efficient," adds Florian Pöckl, Managing Director of HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors. This benefits everyone: the airport operators, the airlines and, last but not least, the passengers.

BEUMER Group and HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors agree on strategic partnership