The Saxon cities of Leipzig, Görlitz and Zwickau are procuring new low-floor streetcars based on a joint Saxon platform. The total of 187 vehicles in four different versions will be delivered by 2030. The total order volume of the vehicle deliveries amounts to around 600 million euros.

The LEIWAG consortium (HeiterBlick as consortium leader, responsible for the vehicle construction part, and Knorr Kiepe as consortium partner, responsible for the electrical equipment) signed the contract for delivery in 2021. "We developed the vehicle concept and prepared the majority of the technical documents required for participation in the tender on behalf of the consortium," says Frank Salzwedel, Managing Director of HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering GmbH in
Chemnitz. By 2024, more than 100 engineers from HVE will now be working on both the complete mechanical development and the development of the electrical parts.


HÖRMANN Engineering: Road platform Saxon cities