The Finance Day from May 24 to 25 began with a walk together above Würzburg - with a great view over the city. Johann Schmid-Davis (CFO) and Andreas Wolfrum (Managing Director) then welcomed the employees from the accounting, financial reporting, controlling and treasury departments from all HÖRMANN Group companies, some of whom had traveled from far away. The presentations by external speakers were an interesting addition to the two-day Finance Day, including an exciting talk by Dr. Sascha Haggenmüller on the topic of "MAKING is like WANTING, only more blatant". Afterwards, the finance specialists were able to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere at the joint barbecue buffet in the evening.

In the workshops on the second day - on various current topics from the finance sector - the participants developed constructive proposals with interesting and target-oriented solutions. "There was an inspiring dynamic in the group," says Johann Schmid-Davis happily. This also applies to the final team event: a "rally" in the Würzburg vineyards in several teams, with questions about winegrowing, small sporting interludes, brainteasers and a Franconian snack and wine tasting at the winery to round off the day.



HÖRMANN Group: FIGURES, DATA, FACTS but above all lots of fun at the Finance Day in Würzburg