"We are confident about the future," says David Leeb, Head of Project Management at Klatt Fördertechnik GmbH, which has changed its name to HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors. The change of name also highlights the growing together to the outside world and continues the common path as part of the HÖRMANN Group - underlined by the purchase of further shares by the group of companies.

"We will continue to intensively expand our networking with each other - we see great potential in being able to provide the market with a holistic and coordinated product range thanks to the Group's diverse expertise. We are already working closely with our colleagues in Munich and Graz on various projects," says David Leeb. The new logo as a central identification feature makes this clear. But: "It's not just the logo, it affects much more: everything from the system lettering to our employees' work clothing is being gradually changed over."



Hörmann Intralogistics: HÖRMANN Klatt Conveyors