The shortage of skilled workers in Germany and the various political approaches to finding a solution are currently dominating the news. A look at the list of vacancies on the HÖRMANN Group's homepage shows that the shortage of skilled workers affects every company today and that demographic change is also having an impact on us.

However, committed and qualified employees are crucial for the operation of every company, for shaping the future, for development and growth. Even in a highly automated and digitalized world, nothing works without highly qualified employees. A decisive success factor here is the interaction between young, innovative and older, experienced employees.


"Attract employees - retain employees" - this was the motto of the annual meeting of all managers in June and also characterizes the new HR strategy for the HÖRMANN Group. With this guideline for the future, we are expressing how much we care about the employees of the HÖRMANN Group.


What does this mean in concrete terms?
Personnel development is becoming an important part of our corporate culture and is part of every management task. Our aim is to fill as many management positions as possible internally in future with HÖRMANN employees who have been prepared for this in a structured way. From next year, we will also invest more in the professional development and personal qualification of our employees in order to prepare everyone for the changing requirements of tomorrow, e.g. from the increased digitalization of our working world. Your daily performance and contribution to the company will be recognized, valued and rewarded: In addition to the "HÖRMANN Pension", we will gradually expand the "HÖRMANN Benefit World".

Employees are the heart of our company - and at HÖRMANN there are many employees with a heart. That's why a heart features on the cover of this issue. The employees of the HÖRMANN Group are also important brand ambassadors and recruit new employees for the HÖRMANN Group. With the new HR strategy and a modern corporate culture, we are all working together to shape an excellent image of HÖRMANN as an attractive employer and as a "Great Place to Work", which is also known to the general public.

Hoermann Magazine Employees

Magazine "mittendrin" | 4-2022