Communicating with one another - expressing your opinion and exchanging ideas - is a basic human need. The right to freedom of expression is a matter of course for us today and is guaranteed as a fundamental right in our constitution. In an industrial company like the HÖRMANN Group, regular communication between employees, the exchange of ideas and experiences and the creativity of the team form the basis of our daily work and for innovation.

The regular cultivation of personal relationships between people in a community is also an important part of our lives, because we are all social beings. A broad network of contacts is becoming increasingly important in times of globalization, mobile work and rapid change in order to exchange information more quickly.


In today's world, social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp have become an integral part of everyday life for many and an important medium for regular communication and maintaining relationships with other people. Communication behavior, the way we interact with each other and the medium for interaction have changed fundamentally. The younger generation in particular can no longer imagine life without social media. And today, social media is also an important channel for attracting new employees.


Modern, future-oriented companies must also take this trend into account. The networking concept expressed in social media is also important for internal communication within the HÖRMANN Group. A good social network brings people at the various locations closer together, enables the exchange of information, experiences and news beyond the boundaries of one's own company and makes daily life and work in the HÖRMANN Group as a large community more perceptible, lively and interesting.


As part of our new social media strategy, we have set up a standardized internal communication platform exclusively for the HÖRMANN Group, a so-called social intranet. Under the name "MyHÖRMANN", every HÖRMANN Group employee at every location has access to this new communication platform via app or as a desktop version and can network with other colleagues
network with other colleagues, find out the daily news or communicate with other colleagues through posts.

As with all good communication, the vitality of our new social intranet "MyHÖRMANN" also depends on the active participation of each individual, a large number of opinions expressed by employees and current contributions, images and video messages. Let's work together to develop an inspiring, lively and modern communication culture and make it clear what potential we have: "WE ARE HÖRMANN!"


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In the thick of it" magazine | 3-2022