Although the HÖRMANN Group with its 30 or so subsidiaries is a commercial enterprise that performs a wide range of tasks in the respective industry-specific economic systems and provides many services to satisfy customers, all these activities are closely linked to the perception of social responsibility. Social responsibility is firmly anchored in the genes of the HÖRMANN family business and has been practiced in a variety of ways every day for more than 68 years:

The HÖRMANN Group offers more than 2,800 employees a job and thus a good opportunity for everyone to make an important contribution to the company at their workplace with a high level of commitment and to earn a regular monthly income.

  • We also assume a broad responsibility for society beyond our own company. Here, we focus on the regional social environment at the locations where HÖRMANN Group subsidiaries are present. Many companies in the HÖRMANN Group, as well as HÖRMANN Holding and the Hans Hörmann Foundation of the shareholder family, regularly support charitable social institutions in various areas. Traditionally, these donations are often presented to local institutions in the run-up to Christmas - as was the case again this year.
  • The HÖRMANN Group also has a wide range of social commitments and many voluntary activities that we are often not even aware of: Quite a few employees are involved on a voluntary basis alongside their day-to-day work, taking on a social task or other voluntary, unpaid activity. This ranges from helping neighbors to caring for the elderly, volunteering with the fire department or the technical relief organization to volunteer coaches and youth coaches in sports clubs.As a company, we have made a public commitment to corporate social responsibility as part of public declarations on sustainable corporate governance, such as the UN Global Compact. Since 2021, we have regularly reported on our social activities in the HÖRMANN Group's annual sustainability report.
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