Melting glaciers, dried-up rivers and more frequent severe weather disasters are making us acutely aware of the ongoing climate change. But there is also an increasing focus on the careful use of our planet's scarce resources, on all types of waste and on protecting the environment. And because we as human beings all belong to a community, it goes without saying that we also take responsibility for people and society in our daily activities.

All activities relating to environmental and climate protection, the conservation of resources, compliance with ethical principles and laws as well as social responsibility are now subsumed under the term "sustainability". The German government's "Climate Protection Act", as well as the European Union's "Green Deal" and many other EU directives, have obliged all companies to make a strong commitment to sustainable corporate governance and to report on this publicly on a regular basis. In April 2022, the HÖRMANN Group also published its first sustainability report on the internet.

Although sustainable corporate governance already has a long tradition in the HÖRMANN Group, there is still a great deal of potential for improvement, such as reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions. With our clear commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and a stronger focus on this topic, we are creating internal structures and processes to promote sustainable action across the entire HÖRMANN Group.


Sustainable development at the HÖRMANN Group also means constantly adapting to change, reinventing ourselves and actively shaping the future. This also includes strengthening business areas with high future potential and developing them further with great dynamism. The formation of our new "HÖRMANN Intralogistics" division is a good example of this.


Magazine "mittendrin" | 2-2022