The transport industry finds itself in a state of transition, moving from private cars to greater use of public transport. ‘In the future, people will decide which modes of transport they want to use based on which is the fastest and most flexible, comfortable, convenient and sustainable means of getting to their destinations,’ said Christian Ringler, managing director of Funkwerk Systems GmbH. A transport, or ’mobility’, platform can act as a hub linking the various services and applications together.

The Funkwerk Mobility Platform gathers all the latest data in one central place and analyses them automatically. The benefit of this for passengers is that they receive higher-quality information more quickly, giving them greater flexibility. ‘Apart from that, there are a lot of upsides for transport operators as well. Our Mobility Platform offers open, standardised interfaces that are also capable of integrating existing applications and those from third-party providers. That makes the platform flexible and allows for add-ons at any time,’ said Ringler. The long-term objective has to be to give passengers the ability to plan, book and pay for their journeys in one application, nationwide and across all providers. That will give transport operators the tools they need for smart and interconnected transport.