In the world of electric vehicles, nothing happens without electricity – or without HÖRMANN Automotive. wallbe GmbH has been among those relying on the team in Wackersdorf for its charging systems since 2019. Not only do they procure the components and assemble the charging stations, but they also test them to make sure they comply with calibration regulations. This is a real USP in the automotive industry and great news for customers. After all, the German calibration regulations provide detailed specifications for pricing information and billing for charging power by kilowatt-hour. HÖRMANN Automotive is a one-stop shop for everything from development to testing. There have been around 250–300 charging stations leaving the factory every month since June, and that figure is continuing to increase. Michael Rossmann, head of sales for electric vehicles, is hugely impressed by the company’s efforts, saying,

‘We’re doing more than just assembling charging stations in Wackersdorf – we’re shaping the future of transport!’