Electromobility is not only the biggest topic in the automotive sector for passenger cars. The commercial vehicle sector is also working on electric
alternatives to the combustion engine. The cooperation between Quantron AG, a company that electrifies used commercial vehicles and buses, and MAN TopUsed, the international used vehicle brand of MAN Truck & Bus, represents a milestone in e-mobility. The commercial vehicles are electrified by Quantron. Another important step for Quantron: a fuel cell, which can also be installed, ensures lower emissions for commercial vehicles. This gives the used vehicles a second, quiet and CO2-free life.

As part of a long-term planned cooperation, Quantron takes over the entire chassis from MAN and adapts it to the specific requirements. The longitudinal frame members and other add-on parts for the MAN chassis come from HÖRMANN Automotive Gustavsburg.

HÖRMANN Automotive: E-mobility for trucks