Demand for electric cars is growing. Munich-based charging infrastructure start-up ChargeX has developed the Aqueduct charging system, a multi-socket for electric cars that makes it easy to build a large charging station. HÖRMANN Automotive in Wackersdorf uses components to assemble the Wallbox product as hardware. Using its innovative concept, ChargeX can install a charging point rated at up to 22 kilowatts in under 60 seconds. The patented and hardware-based charging system is connected to an electricity supply and can be expanded to include as many as ten charging points. The Drop power-sharing app is available on top.

This allows the finite output of the electricity grid to be distributed in a way that keeps everyone happy. ‘As a simultaneous engineering partner and process expert, we support the ongoing development of the design and manufacturing processes for the product,’ said Marcus Schaffranka, managing director of HÖRMANN Automotive Wackersdorf GmbH, adding, ‘All things considered, the collaboration is a win-win situation. The start-up benefits from decades of manufacturing experience at HÖRMANN Automotive, and we are involved in an exciting project that will become more and more relevant in the future.’