As an industrial partner and supplier to EVUM Motors GmbH, HÖRMANN Automotive GmbH has got an innovative project on the road – or, more accurately, off-road. The Automotive team were involved early on in the development of the EVUM aCar, giving them a chance to impress EVUM not only with how they revised the chassis system but also with their production design. One thing that the customer was always able to depend on was absolute planning and delivery reliability. After all, as far as any customer is concerned, there is nothing more important than adhering to the promised date for start of production and delivering high-quality products right from day one. The date is set, with production at the HÖRMANN Automotive factory in Saarbrücken due to start early in 2021. The first all-wheel-drive electric vans will roll off the assembly line in July 2021. Project manager Christoph Brunner was very satisfied with how things have gone, saying:

‘Our next projects, which will see us helping some promising new companies working in the field of electric vehicles to develop their products to production readiness with us and have them manufactured at our facilities, are already waiting in the wings.’