HÖRMANN Group has decided to run a pilot project to trial fresh ways of attracting new employees and to offer a trainee programme to help staff get started. This trainee programme has been designed and implemented by Marie Krüger, personnel officer at HÖRMANN Industries. Laura Stephinger, Fabian Schellhas and Fabian Selder have been working at HÖRMANN Industries and getting to know all the multifaceted aspects of the HÖRMANN Group since April 2021. The trainees are spending an 18-month programme working on defined projects relating to strategy, corporate development, operational business and business management at selected companies within the corporate group, and sometimes even projects that have group-wide significance. In addition to support from Krüger, each trainee is supervised by a mentor who is there to offer advice, assistance and regular feedback. Things have got off to such a good start with these trainees that HÖRMANN Industries has decided to run the trainee programme for a second time next year.

From left: Laura Stephinger, Fabian Schellhas and Fabian Selder are working through a trainee programme to help them get started at the HÖRMANN Group. At one of their first ports of call, they gained some insight into AutoStore® at HÖRMANN Logistik.