Developing new business models is the objective of the HÖRMANN Group’s Engineering Day. ‘We wanted to broaden our horizons, so on this occasion, we have sought external assistance from the team at UnternehmerTUM. With the aid of their creative methods, we have identified new approaches and potential applications for taking the knowledge that already exists within HÖRMANN Group and applying it to new business models,’ explained Alexander Hauswald, managing director of HÖRMANN Digital, who organised the Engineering Day.

The in-person event at the Munich Urban Colab was attended by leading engineering minds, experienced sales staff and project managers, as well as some highly skilled members of the HÖRMANN Group’s research and development team. Following a trend survey in June and a virtual get-together in early October, this was the third part of this year’s Engineering Day. ‘We took what started out as 15 topics and condensed them into a funnel-shaped arrangement over the course of the process,’ said Hauswald. The event finished with each of the four teams pitching an idea to a panel of judges. The panel included representatives of a venture capital fund and a start-up association. The feedback from attendees was glowing. Work is now under way to follow up on the four ideas pitched. ‘There are a few options available. We can do it ourselves, we can look for a partner or we can find a suitable company,’ said Hauswald.