HÖRMANN Industries GmbH (corporate bond, German Securities Code Number (WKN): A2TSCH / ISIN: NO0010851728), based in Kirchseeon near Munich, is pressing ahead with the strategic reorientation of the Group and opening up new potential for the future development of its Communication division.

Funkwerk AG (WKN: 575314 / ISIN: DE0005753149), based in Kölleda near Erfurt, today decided to acquire a holding in euromicron AG (WKN: A1K030 /ISIN: DE 000A1K0300), which is located in Frankfurt am Main. HÖRMANN Industries GmbH is the controlling shareholder in Funkwerk AG, holding a stake of 78.0%. Funkwerk AG will subscribe to the euromicron AG rights issue as part of a private placement and acquire 10% of euromicron AG’s share capital. This investment is subject to approval from the competition authorities in Germany and Austria. Funkwerk AG will also take part in euromicron AG’s second rights issue, in which Funkwerk AG intends to increase its total stake to approximately 28%. An investor agreement to that effect was signed today by the CEO of Funkwerk AG and euromicron AG.

euromicron AG is a broadly diversified technology group in the mould of Germany’s Mittelstand of small and medium-sized enterprises. It employs roughly 1,900 people across 16 subsidiaries and generated sales of EUR 320 million in the 2018 financial year. The digitalisation specialist, which conducts the bulk of its work in Germany, plans, implements and maintains digital infrastructure in the fields of digitalised buildings, critical infrastructure and Industry 4.0. That makes the euromicron group a key partner in the digital transformation and interlinking of public and private (smart) buildings, industrial facilities and critical infrastructure such as railway stations, airports, power stations and hospitals.

The aim of this strategic investment in euromicron AG is to generate significantly closer co-operation with the two medium-sized groups of companies, positioning the company as a lead designer and system integrator offering comprehensive, tailored solutions from a single source for digital networking and security technology for public infrastructure and industrial facilities in Germany and Europe. With products such as video and alert systems and engineering services for building, factory and logistics planning, as well as services relating to communications technology, Funkwerk and HÖRMANN Group as a whole offer significant additions to euromicron AG’s portfolio. Thanks to a close working relationship with service networks throughout Germany, it will be possible to offer even better support across the board for maintenance and servicing of infrastructure in communications technology for the broad customer bases of both companies.

‘The investment in euromicron AG will link up wide-ranging technical capabilities with a broad knowledge base that will make it possible to generate a host of new options for the future of the digital transformation of public and industrial infrastructure, the continuing evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), innovative new business models and a comprehensive service network. That opens up all kinds of opportunities for the future development of both companies,’ said Michael Radke, CEO of HÖRMANN Industries GmbH and chair of the Supervisory Board of Funkwerk AG.