HÖRMANN Automotive GmbH and HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering GmbH have put themselves forward as candidates for the IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland cluster innovation awards with their novel integral chassis concept. The Innovationspreis rewards innovative and market-ready products, methods and services.

Light commercial vehicles can vary widely owing to the extremely broad range of applications for which they are used, which currently means costly conversion processes requiring a lot of tools. In addition, mass-produced electric light commercial vehicles are often based on conventional platforms designed for internal combustion engines. This wastes precious space because these vehicles are not systematically designed with the use of alternative drive systems in mind.


Taking inspiration from nature

The chassis from HÖRMANN Group is designed specifically to be used with alternative drive systems and constitutes a universal platform for various body types. It pursues a systematic lightweight structural approach that reflects the cost sensitivity of the transport industry in particular and the vehicle design requirements of electric light commercial vehicles.

The innovative overall topology of the chassis is reminiscent of structures found in nature that have oval shapes to protect their inner workings (such as clams, tortoises or nuts). In the event of a crash, the overall structure will automatically protect the energy storage unit situated between the longitudinal members, which is also supported by load-adaptive structures on the longitudinal members.


IQ Innovationspreis (Innovation award)

The IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland has been awarded by the Central German Metropolitan Region for 16 years and has quickly established itself nationwide as a brand that acts as an ambassador both locally and further afield for central Germany as a hub for innovation. The competition is run across five sector-specific clusters. In addition, an independent panel of judges chooses an overall competition winner from the ten finalists from the clusters. The overall winner of the Innovationspreis receives a prize pot of EUR 15,000.