HÖRMANN Logistik GmbH, a subsidiary of HÖRMANN Group, has been a general contractor for the supply of smart and innovative intralogistics systems for 32 years. Now the company is acquiring a majority stake in the Austrian company Klatt Fördertechnik GmbH. In its 19-year existence, Klatt Fördertechnik has developed into a renowned manufacturer of conveyor systems. "With our merger, we are not only strengthening our core competencies, but also strategically expanding them," emphasises Steffen Dieterich, Managing Director of HÖRMANN Logistik. His colleague in the management board, Oliver Vujcic, adds: "For both companies there are many synergies for ambitious growth."

‘By combining forces, we are not only strengthening our core competencies but also strategically expanding them,’ emphasised Steffen Dieterich, managing director of HÖRMANN Logistik. His fellow managing director Oliver Vujcic added, ‘This will result in extensive synergies for the ambitious growth plans of both companies.’

HÖRMANN Logistik will be continuing Klatt Fördertechnik’s general contractor business, while Klatt Fördertechnik will work on expanding the partnership for its end customers and integrators. In doing so, both companies will be building their reputations as prominent players in the intralogistics industry, operating particularly in the SME sector. They offer exceptional solutions to their customers across Europe and can be relied upon as expert partners. ‘We’re looking forward to a successful future with HÖRMANN Logistik,’ said Peter Klatt, managing director of the company that bears his name.


Synergy effects for rapid growth

HÖRMANN Logistik’s strength lies primarily in integrating a variety of disciplines in one overall system, involving system planning, project management, automation technology and the HiLIS (HÖRMANN Intralogistics System) warehouse management system. Klatt Fördertechnik is a full-range supplier of conveyor systems for pallets, containers, boxes and custom-made products with ingenious designs and well-established products in the premium segment.

Klatt Fördertechnik sets high standards with its products, such as its drive belt technology for roller pallet conveyors. These are quiet, require minimal maintenance and deliver high availability. ‘Automation is our priority,’ said Klatt. Klatt Fördertechnik can boast a unique selling proposition in the transport of airline baggage with a patent-pending automated system for rearranging items of luggage. The system can adjust bags and suitcases at an accuracy rate of almost 100% no matter their weight, colour or shape. ‘With special applications and newly developed products like these, we can expect a lot of potential for sales,’ said Dieterich.

Contact persons and contact details for both companies remain unchanged.