A system comprising two cells, each with two robots, needed to be moved from Wolfsburg to Halle. ‘The entire system was dismantled – from the individual bolts and screws to the robots all the way to the high-speed doors,’ says project manager Karsten Holczeck. ‘We had just three weeks to complete the whole operation, from dismantling the system to setting it up at Smart Press Shop GmbH. Just one week later, the first 50 sample parts were delivered and three weeks after that, series production resumed.’ The system stamps nuts and fits clinch studs for car doors. Not only did the team complete the complex relocation on schedule, but they also overcame several challenges along the way, such as repainting the robots green and reprogramming and running in the system. ‘It was a pretty tight timetable, even for us,’ says Holczeck. ‘We’re thrilled that it all worked out well and the customer has been full of praise for our efforts.’ Follow-up orders are already being discussed.