HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering GmbH, based in Chemnitz, has been assisting the German Aerospace Center (DLR) with the development of its NGT (Next Generation Train) project for two years now. Disruptive and pioneering train concepts such as the DLR’s Next Generation Train are intended to make technologies and research findings available to the rail industry. HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering is proud to be playing its part in this process.

The complementary capabilities of DLR (vehicle and bogie conceptual development, lightweight optimisation) and HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering (production-focused detail development, bogie expertise) have allowed an important step to be taken towards the production of a demonstrator bogie. In addition to the implementation of the inner wheel mount and outer secondary suspension as lightweight designs, HÖRMANN Vehicle Engineering took on the mechanical design of the structures, including welds. A prototype wheel mount has already been manufactured based on the production documents that were drawn up, and this will soon be followed by the secondary suspension.