HÖRMANN Group is diversity in action. Our way of doing business is characterised by broad professional diversification extending across four divisions, 14 business segments and numerous technologies and customer sectors. Activities range from product development and production to plant engineering and high-tech services. There are very few companies that offer quite so many disciplines under one roof. HÖRMANN has locations all over Germany, from Stade to Kirchseeon and from Dresden to Saarbrücken. The Group also has companies outside Germany, in countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Each of the 30-plus production facilities has its own local corporate culture shaped by regional history, dialects, languages and customs. Germany has transformed into a multicultural society over the course of many decades, and this cultural diversity has made its work on numerous HÖRMANN Group sites as well. Employees from migrant heritage or various cultural and religious backgrounds often work hand in hand, sometimes negotiating language barriers along the way. This occasionally calls for a good deal of mutual tolerance, but offers tremendous opportunities to learn from each other and from different cultures.

These are just a few of the aspects of diversity that make HÖRMANN Group what it is – a company that really stands out from the crowd. In the latest issue of our staff magazine, we attempt to bring the diversity on show at HÖRMANN to life in our cover story, ‘Diversity in action’.

Magazin "mittendrin" | 4-2021