‘2020 is a year full of altogether new and unprecedented challenges, but it is also the year of the 65th anniversary of HÖRMANN Group,’ say Michael Radke, CEO of the HÖRMANN Group, and Johann Schmid-Davis, CFO of the HÖRMANN Group, in their foreword to the first issue of HÖRMANN’s mittendrin magazine. In 1955, the company’s founder, Hans Hörmann, laid the foundations of what is today a broadly diversified group of companies comprising more than 25 subsidiaries and employing roughly 2,900 people. The Group has taken this special year as an opportunity to publish its new magazine, mittendrin.

The title, which translates roughly as ‘in the thick of the action’, was chosen because it sums up values dear to HÖRMANN Group, such as energy, mutual respect, responsibility and innovative spirit. With mittendrin, the Group is hoping to give readers varied insight into day-to-day life and work at HÖRMANN and, in the process, provide some idea of the exceptional dedication, loyalty and accomplishments of the company’s diverse workforce.

The first issue, for which the cover story is entitled ‘Times of change’, looks back on 65 years of company history and, alongside the new brand identity and plenty of news and articles about innovations, explores the extraordinary capacity of our employees to keep the HÖRMANN Group in a constant state of renewal and thus to work together to determine what the future will look like.

Magazin "mittendrin" | 1-2020