HÖRMANN Rawema GmbH, a HÖRMANN Group company, created a development location almost two years ago with its showroom, a test workshop for Industry 4.0 in Chemnitz. The test workshop allows the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0 to be formulated, demonstrated and analysed. At the request of the curator of the MaschinenBoom exhibition, an additional experience has been created as part of these activities: “Depicting and optimising material flow systems is one of the key tasks of factory planning. With our digital factory planning table, we have created a cyber-physical system that allows users to experience the systems intuitively,” says innovation manager Benjamin Bielefeld, Head of Research & Development at HÖRMANN Rawema.

The factory of the future

The factory planner Rawema is active globally. Its employees are actively shaping the digital transformation of industrial processes. The possibilities offered by the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are opening up new spheres of interaction between people, systems, resources, suppliers and customers. The world is becoming increasingly connected in terms of people’s personal lives, and this trend has also been advancing in industry for some years. However, every change requires coordination. Interfaces need to be defined, organised, developed – and sometimes even overcome. HÖRMANN Rawema holistically integrates employees, the building shell, technical equipment and production systems into the planning process and designs the factory of the future for its clients.

Holistic process integration

How often does a company plan new locations or major change processes? “Addressing unknown topics often means being able to imagine the future. This may be uncharted territory for others, but it is our daily bread,” says Benjamin Bielefeld. HÖRMANN Rawema has already planned, constructed and optimised thousands of industrial buildings in its long history. What are the next steps? Whom do I need to talk to? Who needs to be brought on board? What is the best way to disentangle the complex structure of a factory? All of these questions have to be planned holistically. In change processes like these, time, quality and budget are the keywords that need to be communicated to all stakeholders in a suitably comprehensible manner.

The HÖRMANN Rawema smart factory can be experienced at first hand at the MaschinenBoom from 11 July to 31 December 2020. For more information:


HÖRMANN Rawema zeigt Probierwerkstatt für Industrie 4.0