The Metropolitana di Torino is one of the flagship projects of Funkwerk video systeme, which is based in Nuremberg. Funkwerk has provided 300 cameras to monitor the depot, stations and trains of Line 1 of the underground railway system in the Italian city of Turin, along with the associated network technology and equipment for workstations for the fire service, police and Carabinieri. The team in Nuremberg are currently working on plans for the southern expansion of the Metro, with the addition of two stations (Italia 61 and Bengasi) and three ventilation shafts across roughly two kilometres of tunnel.

Funkwerk is installing around 100 new digital HD cameras in tunnels and ventilation shafts and integrating them in the video system. The project also includes the addition of the new stations to the existing network, as well as all the installation services provided on site by Italian subcontractors. The new equipment will ensure that video images are reliably recorded over multiple days and significantly improve safety and security across the entire system. The new video wall is an impressive sight to behold. Operations on Line 1 of the Metro will in future be monitored on a screen measuring around seven square metres.