Radiography is one of the primary sources of radiation exposure in the general population. Consequently, various European directives require patient doses to be measured when it is used, particularly in the case of children and examinations involving high doses. VacuDAP, a device for measuring dose area product in compliance with IEC 60580, fulfils this requirement. ‘We are one of three manufacturers worldwide with an outstanding market position’ said Dr Bernd Wörmann, managing director of VacuTec Messtechnik. He added, ‘On a globalised market, demand for our medical devices is growing all the time.’

A DAP (dose area product) meter measures the product of dose and exposed area. Specific European directives require the DAP reading to be recorded for comparison against statistically determined diagnostic reference values in radiography. The readings taken are compared with reference values to determine whether the X-ray machines and clinical personnel are working with minimal radiation exposure for the patient. VacuTec Messtechnik manufactures a wide range of versions of the DAP meter, suitable for almost all types of radiography systems.

Interventional radiology in particular involves exposing the same area of the patient’s skin to radiation over an extended period. In contrast to medical diagnostic radiology, doctors cannot rule out deterministic effects, such as those caused by radiation-induced skin injury. VacuTec, a HÖRMANN company, offers the VacuDAP duo measuring system for this application. This system can determine the reference dose and the dose area product at the same time. With transparent measuring chambers in two sizes as well as a series of circular ionisation chambers, it can be used in most commonly used X-ray systems, including C-arm machines.

The company, which is based in Dresden, also offers a wireless DAP meter for patient dosimetry in radiography. The device enables readings to be transferred reliably to an external display unit or directly to a PC. ‘This wireless data transfer is particularly suitable for retrofitting to existing X-ray machines and is an ideal solution for combining with the latest wireless flat-panel detectors without having to install a lot of complex wiring. As an option, the measuring chambers can be powered via a rechargeable battery. These functions help our DAP systems to stand out from the crowd,’ said sales manager Frank Finster.