IT security, cybersecurity and data protection are taken extremely seriously at all HÖRMANN Group companies in order to ensure that business systems and expertise enjoy reliable protection against espionage, sabotage and abuse. 

At their customers’ request, some HÖRMANN Group companies even obtain certification for their business and IT systems in accordance with the TISAX standard or the ISO 27001 IT security standard, allowing them to guarantee a particularly high level of security when it comes to data protection, expertise and data exchange. “But there is no use in having security measures in place if users within the company unknowingly allow dangerous software into the company or run it from an e-mail,” adds Uwe Reith.

The gateway is typically the user who clicks an e-mail attachment, inserts a USB stick or uses an insecure Wi-Fi connection – all of which can make an attack possible in the first place. Accordingly, one of the central elements of HÖRMANN’s approach to IT security is to provide employees with continuous training and awareness. In particular, this involves the security training that forms part of the programme offered by our partner SoSafe.

HÖRMANN Gruppe – Nachhaltigkeitsbericht – Initiative  Datenschutz It-Sicherheit

»You can’t see the danger – and once you do, it is usually too late and there is no time to react. Hackers can identify vulnerabilities in IT systems incredibly quickly.«

Uwe Reith
Managing Director of HÖRMANN Informationssysteme GmbH


SoSafe is a training platform for increasing IT security that has been customised for the HÖRMANN Group. It uses videos to illustrate technical content clearly and comprehensively for all employees. It ends with a short multiple-choice test on the information learned. Regular test e-mails are used to challenge employees and make sure they stay alert. The regular training and tests are essential when it comes to ensuring a high degree of protection against invisible threats and obtaining IT security certification.

HÖRMANN Gruppe – Nachhaltigkeitsbericht – Initiative  Datenschutz It-Sicherheit