Our day-to-day work - no matter in which area of the HÖRMANN Group - serves only one goal: to fulfill the wishes of our customers and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Because only satisfied customers will work with us for many years and place new orders again and again.

The sales department in each subsidiary is usually the most important point of contact between the many customers and the various companies in the HÖRMANN Group. Sales employees are often close to the customer, bring the customer's wishes to the company and are constantly acquiring new orders and new customers. Through skillful price negotiations, the sales department is also responsible for ensuring that our work, our products and our services are adequately remunerated and that the company can generate the necessary profits for investments in the future. This underlines the special importance of sales in every company. For this reason, we are dedicating an entire issue of "mittendrin" to sales. Enjoy reading!

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